Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree Trimming in Marco Island

Tree trimming isn’t just about lawn aesthetics (although, who doesn’t want a beautiful lawn), it’s also about the health of the plants and safety to you and your home.

Why should you trim a tree or prune a bush? All plants grow, and they will continue to grow and expand if we do not cut them back. Some plants or tree may grow too big for the space they are in, which can introduce safety issues for your home or your neighbor’s home. Tree trimming keeps plants looking their best, but also removes excess weight from a tree that could potentially damage the tree itself, your home, car, or a passerby.

Our tree trimming experts at Fortune’s Landscape Services are skilled tree trimmers. We know how to properly trim a tree to make it look good, while keeping the tree healthy and promote future growth on the branches. The trimming will help your plants and trees grow healthier and stronger. Our tree trimmers are certified professionals, and do not damage trees or introduce diseases to the trees with the work that we do.

All plants are different. Depending on the types of trees or plants you have, our team of experts will determine the type of trimming and how often the trimming needs to occur for your plants’ specific needs.

If you’re looking for tree trimming services in Marco Island, our team at Fortune’s are experienced, licensed, trained, and insured. We will trim the trees and remove the debris from the yard after every cut. We can handle any size job!

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