Tree Removal & Relocating

Tree Removal & Moving in Marco Island

We will remove dead, damaged, or dying trees on your Marco Island property. We will also remove trees that have become a danger or hazard on your property or for your neighbor’s property. If a tree is worth saving, we can try and save it, but if it poses too much of a danger, we will need to remove it.

If you have a dead, damaged, or dying tree on your property, you should consider getting it removed as soon as possible. These trees can be dangerous; they can fall or branches can break off without warning and possibly hurt you, loved ones, your home, vehicles, and other property (of yours or a neighbor’s). You don’t want to be dealing with damages you could have prevented by removing the tree.

We will also remove trees that are in the way of new construction on your property such as a new pool, shed, or garage.

Tree removal is a dangerous, large task that should be handled by certified, trained professionals, especially when the tree is near powerlines or houses. Our tree removal team at Fortune’s Landscape Services are licensed, insured professionals who know how to properly manage and handle the job.

After the removal of the trees, we will clean up the debris. Our goal during the removal process is to avoid, or at least minimize, the disruption of other plants around. The number of trees removed, the sizes of the trees, placement of the trees will determine the cost of the removal. Every client’s needs are different, and he/she will be quoted based on the job at hand.

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