Tree Canopy Maintenance

Tree Canopy Maintenance In Marco Island

Just like small shrubs and bushes, trees need to be maintained, as well, and we can do it for you! We offer canopy raising services in Marco Island. When you “raise” a canopy, this eliminates the lower branches from the tree that can often hide or block your home and/or yard. By keeping the canopy maintained, your property will look bigger, more open, clean, and crisp.

With canopy maintenance, we will also remove branches that are over your roof or driveway, or that are touching your home or other property.

Canopy maintenance is also good for the other plants, flowers, and grass in your yard. Trees often block a lot of sunlight, which can make it harder for smaller plants to grow and thrive. By raising the canopy, we can help the rest of your yard look healthier. Canopy raising also is great for reducing the number of insects around your home, especially mosquitos. The extra sunlight and airiness isn’t as favorable for these bugs. Lastly, canopy raising helps prevent mold and mildew growing in your yard and home. Less shade makes it harder for mold and mildew to grow and spread.

Our canopy maintenance team at Fortune’s Landscape Services will access your property and determine what branches need to be removed. The amount that will be removed will be determined by the age of the tree(s), and the placement of the tree(s). We are professionals and will not over-thin your trees, which can do great damage to them. With most trees, raising the canopy will help growth, increase airflow to the tree, and strengthen branches. Some older trees may be too weak to handle a trimming.

Our team of professionals will give you an honest assessment of what branches can be removed or cut back.

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