Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding in Marco Island

Most of us can agree, a tree stump is ugly. You may have had a tree removed, but its stump has been an unsightly reminder of the tree that once stood there. Our stump grinding professionals at Fortune’s Landscape Services are trained and certified to use special machines for stump grinding and removal in Marco Island.

Even if you don’t mind the look of the stump, the stump itself could be a hazard, as it is a bump, and it should be removed.

We will use a high-powered stump grinder to grind and chip away at the stump and remove it out of the ground. The machine grinds the wood into small wood chips. We will pick up all debris and aim to not disturb any surrounding vegetation. We will remove all surface roots. The depth we ground out the stump will depend if the client plans on replanting in this spot. We will fill the hole to level the surface.

It doesn’t matter how many stumps or branches you have on your Marco Island property, our team can tackle the job!

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