Land/Lot Clearing

Land/Lot Clearing in Marco Island


Our team at Fortune’s Landscape Services will clear your residential or commercial lot or land. We have extensive clearing experience. We are fully equipped to completely clear and level any size lot or piece of land.

In our land clearing and leveling services, we remove trees, grind stumps, uproot plants, remove dead trees/plants, remove brush, clean and thin, level and grade, and more.

Tree clearing and leveling is good for those looking to build homes or commercial buildings, for those starting a new construction project, and for those who want a cleaner look on their property.

Before clearing your property, our tree professionals will talk with you about the process of leveling and removing these trees. We will also discuss if any trees need to be kept (and why) and the proper maintenance for those kept trees.

We also offer selective land/lot clearing. In this process, we carefully work to preserve other trees and vegetation on the property that are not part of the clearing or leveling. We use eco-friendly land-clearing techniques to keep the surrounding vegetation and soil from being disturbed. Through different land/lot clearing techniques, we can keep surrounding trees and plants from declining in the months after the clearing. It’s a good idea to hire a professional for a tree clearing. Improper clearing can lead to a lot of dead plant life on your property that you didn’t want.

We will safely clear all the trees you specified while also preserving the plants and land around so the look and function of you yard is still of a high value and standard. We will not leave brush, roots, or debris behind, so you can easily start to build once we finish our job.

We will quote you for the land/lot clearing services depending on the size of your property and how much you’d like cleared and leveled.

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